Mid-autumn Festival 团圆的中秋节英语日记

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Today is Mid-autumn Festival, father takes us to go to the seaside enjoy the glorious full moon. I see that slowly, Luna has risen, when seeming as if the shy little girl , rises to the top of the building, as if bold , has sprung all of a sudden to come out from building angle , moonlight sprinkles the full earth immediately. The moon is very round. We enjoy the glorious full moon as well as, eating moon cake. Happy days has go by all of a sudden , in the mid-autumn this is really happy!


The Mid-autumn FestivalToday is Sep 22,and it's also a traditional chinese festival -The mid-autumn Festival.And during these days,all chinese are rest and will have a family reunion.I got back very earily.My mon have made a very delicious dinner.Surprisedly, dad was home too.He always get back very later.He told me because the Mid-autumn Festival.After dinner, we watched TV and talked with each other.I really hope that everyone can get home and spend this time with their parents.And this is what The Mid-autumn Festival means.