The Road to Success 通往成功的道路

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Everyone expects success, although knowing that success is not simple to achieve. So, looking for the way of the palace to success becomes people’s priority. Because of this, many people are addicted to the success of others, trying best to imitate them, and hoping that they can get the same luck. But not all people can succeed.


What factors can you come up with when you fail? Maybe carelessness, infortune, or impatience may be the reasons. Yes, they are likely to be parts of the situation. But to most degree, lacking of knowledge is the key to failure--a man who always follows others' footsteps without considering his own strengths and weaknesses can’t be really successful.


No man can be successful just by repeating others’ footsteps. But, as long as you can know of yourself clearly, the road to success will be found easily. Only when a man can analyze himself accurately and try to correct his shortcomings can he walk on the road to success.


So, learning and trying to observe yourself carefully, you will find something you'd never noticed before. In a word, throwing all experiences and characters of others, then knowing yourself and your goal, being yourself, making a special plan for you way to success can you get to the palace of success.