Why So Many People Rush To Cities? 为什么那么多人想去城市?

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With the process of Chinese reform andopening, an increasing number of people rush to cities in the last decade, suchas Shenzhen, Guangzhou and so on. So, what factors can account for thisphenomenon?


First, the pursuit of better life is themost important and ultimate goal for all people. Generally speaking, peoplethink that moving to cities is a chance for them to make their lives better orachieve their goals. Second, rushing to cities means more opportunities ofgetting a high-paid job, which is a good way to achieve their goals of leadinga better life. In big cities, various industries definitely provide moreemployment for people. Finally, for some young people, the reason for moving tocities is that they want to find a better place to show their capacity andachieve their dreams.


Ina word, different people have different reasons for rushing to cities. However,we also need to consider our own conditions carefully before we decide to moveto cities because city is not totally a promising place in our mind but alsohas disadvantages.