My Idea of Coping with the Stress in Modern Life 在当代生活中应对压力的方法

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    It is true that people in modern times experience great stress in their lives. However, as to the ways to cope with the stress, different people have different opinions. Some insist on traveling, while others argue for listening to the music or even playing computer games. In my opinion, an effective solution to relieve pressure is to do physical exercise.
    My suggestion lies in the following reasons. First of all, exercise not only helps to release people’s emotional breakdowns but also improves their mental state. By concentrating on their body movement, men forget about their annoyances and escape from the busy day. What’s more, physical exercise moulds people’s character and promotes a more optimistic attitude towards life. Besides, physical exercise conduces to sound health, with which people can face up to the stress and difficulties in life more readily and easily.
    In a word, physical exercise plays a positive role in killing stress. I believe that my own experience is also applicable to others. Therefore, I suggest that people should go jogging or do other forms of sport when they feel pressed.